Guarulhos Airport * (GRU – São Paulo)

When you arrive, look for Via LiraBus, which is the bus company that has buses that travel to Campinas. Schedules are below. The cost is about R$ 30,00 / 2 h.

Schedule times

Get off at “Largo do Pará” or at Rodoviária de Campinas (Campinas Bus Station).

  • Guarulhos (GRU) airport is also known as “Cumbica” (GRU). There is also another airport in the city of São Paulo:
  • Congonhas (CGH) – is located in the center of the city of São Paulo and it is mainly for internal flights. However, occasionally international flights arrive at this airport.

Airport of Viracopos (VCP – Campinas)

When you arrive, look for Via LiraBus. You can the bus to the Bus station in Campinas (mentioned above) or to Largo do Pará, and from these locations you can take a taxi to Barão Geraldo (see below).

Taxi service (Viracopos – Barão Geraldo): about R $ 100,00 / 20-30 min.

From the Bus Station of Campinas (Rodoviária) to Unicamp or Barão Geraldo


From any of these points you can take a Taxi to Barão Geraldo (about R $ 60,00 / 15-20 min.


At the Campinas bus station you can take the bus line 332 (this bus takes over an hour to get to Barão Geraldo. There are bus stops inside the Unicamp campus. Thus, if you would like to go to the Department of Animal Biology, you would have to get off the bus at the “point da creche (by the daycare building)”.

Alternatively, outside the Campinas bus station (The Rodoviaria) near the Pontilhao bridge (~100m, picture below), you could take a bus (line 331) to the Barão Geraldo bus station (this bus does not go all the way to Unicamp). This bus takes around 30 minutes. In case you want to go straight to Unicamp from the Campinas bus station, you can take the buses 332, 333 among others, that go throughout Unicamp.

Line 331:

  • From Campinas to Barao Geraldo you will find “Term. Barao Geraldo” written in the bus
  • From Barao Geraldo to Campinas you will find “Rodoviaria” written in the bus

Alternative Transportation

UBER, CABIFY and 99POP work very well in Campinas!!